November 3rd 2022


We want to record the real living history of the North East by creating a film to celebrate our extraordinary ordinary people! Let's document these stories before we lose them!

We believe the North East is special. We want to record and preserve its stories whilst we can by creating a short celebratory film, featuring interviews and stories of the Extraordinarily Ordinary people of our region. We want to see the real people of the North East... miners, artists, people born here and those who have just arrived - everyone with a story to tell and who adds to the vibrancy of our region! We want the film to go into schools, museums and online. We need to preserve our heritage and make sure that no one is forgotten. We are a part of the history of the UK. Our stories deserve to be told and our voices need to be heard!

Take a look at our promo video below to get a feel for what we are trying to achieve. 

All donations are very welcome -

Thank you all! 

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