March 14th 2024

Lights! Camera! Take Action! - A NE14 Course

NE14 has always emphasised working within the community and uplifting local people, creating a more diverse and inclusive Film & TV industry in our region. We have been incredibly lucky to have over 2000 people graduate from our industry defining Supporting Artist courses since we began in 2018. Each and every participant learns vital skills, helping them secure paid work as a Supporting Artist or graduating into further training in industry. 

Graduates of the course have moved into SA roles on 'Vera', 'The Dumping Ground' and 'The Red King', as well as feature films by Ken Loach amongst others. 

Bessie, our Director, emphasises that 'our courses literally change lives! Our students leave with a new sense of confidence, ready for whatever comes next be that employment in Film & TV or outside of the industry. I'm always amazed at the creative ideas that pop in class.' 

Our current course 'How to be a Supporting Artist and Creating a Short Film' mixes employability alongside industry skills and the opportunity to spend a week filming a short video, where students can flex their creative muscles and focus in on crew roles or as a performer. We are extremely pleased to say that we have secured funding for these sessions, meaning that they are free to those who fit the criteria assigned by our funders. However, moving forward, we will be taking our classes in to new areas so we can bring the magic of Film and TV into more communities across the wider North East region. 

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