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Contact Information

If you have any queries about the information we hold on you, please contact us by email to info@ne14.tv

Information about you will be gathered when you register.

Although we may monitor site statistics relating to use of our website. It is not however possible from this data to identify individuals.

Contact Information Storage

We adhere to the Data Protection Act and under no circumstances does Client/Work Seeker reveal any personal information unless NE1 authorises this.

Full information relating to Clients will only be available to authorised and vetted employees of NE1

Information gathered other than that displayed publicly on the site will never be shared except in these circumstances:

  • Access to your information may incidentally be given to third party providers such as hardware maintenance companies in the course of maintenance.
  • We will disclose your information to law enforcement authorities if so requested, or upon legal decision

Your information will not be transferred outside the European Economic Area (EEA) which comprises European countries, including those of the EU, which possess compatible laws relating to data protection

Who can Apply

Anyone who thinks they fall into any of the categories that NE1 represent. The applicant does not have to go through an interview process although we do have the authority to C.R.B check any person within 24 hrs if we feel necessary.

Please see website for choice of categories.


Everyone who is registered and accepted by NE14 must agree to their images being placed on our online casting site and any other publicity to increase their chances of assignments, unless otherwise agreed with NE1.


There are no fees for joining NE14 but fees will be deducted once you have completed a role. Please see below. 


NE14 enters into a contract with a Production Company to agree all terms & conditions including fees payable. We then enter into contract with our client ( anyone on our books) via email, fees will be paid directly into our 'client' account from the Production Company and then paid directly to the Model/Performer, less commission, within ten working days of NE14 receiving payment from the production. In this industry payment can often be very slow, and some Production Companies have been known to take as long as 6 months to pay. We cannot pay out until we have been paid by our Production Company. By agreeing to these terms, you (actor/extra) authorise NE1 to act on my behalf, enter contracts on my behalf and receive money on my behalf

  • 15% if under £100
  • 20% if payment is £101-£999.00
  • 25% if payment is over £1,000

This payment will be paid directly to the work seeker either by BACS/Cheque.

You are classed as being self employed, therefore responsibly for your own contributions ie tax

Bookings & Cancellations

When you accept a job casting from NE14 we expect you to attend. If for some reason you can not attend you must inform the agency immediately, in order that we may explain to the client and organise a replacement where possible. We also have the right to delete a clients profile when we feel necessary.

In all matters this agency reserves its complete right to choose who it represents.

When accepting a job, if the agency does not contact you with your call time then you must ring the agency the day before for your call time. It is your responsibility to obtain you call details from us, and your responsibility to ensure you arrive at a booking properly briefed, prepared and on time. We will pass on all of the assignment details to the worker ( including any Health & Safety risks) within 3 working days. Therefore I am obliged to point out that agency can not impart this responsibility to the work seeker.

Out of Office Hours

If the office is closed and an assignment has been given, the agency will leave a mobile number for any inquires or emergencies.

Work Record

Booking time ends when the model/performer leaves the set and not the actual studio. You should inform the agency if you remain at a job for longer than you were initially booked. Please email in your hours after completion of the job. Parents are responsible for keeping written records for their child.

Auditions and Castings

At times you will be offered the opportunity to attend an Audition/Casting. You/your child will not be paid for attending (depending on contract)


Always arrive at least 10 minutes before a work assignment to allow time for preparation. In the event of a problem please contact the agency. If it is out of office hours please use the contact name and number for your booking supplied when you were informed of your call time.


When a booking is made the Model/Performer must provide their own transport there and back, unless agreed otherwise.


Please also remember to update Photographs/telephone/mobile numbers, measurements, email addresses and any other contact details on a regular basis, especially children.

Press and Publicity

Any publicity resulting from a role gained through the agency must be discussed with the agency first. Artistes are reminded that script and programme confidentiality is vital. You must not disclose anything about the characters you may be portraying, the details of any programs or commercials you may be working on, or the content of an assignment you may be undertaking on behalf of the agency.


It is the client's responsibility to carry out a proper risk assessment of the location, equipment and work conditions. Any risk to Health & Safety known to the client must be discussed with NE1 at the time of the booking. The client is responsible for the safety of any Model/Performer who is providing services in connection with the booking. The client is obliged to make sure that all other people engaged in connection with the booking and associated travelling are properly qualified and insured. The client is responsible for the Models and Performers health and safety as if the model were an employee of the client.

Child's Performance License

The Children and Young Persons Act now requires the client to apply for a license for each child booked for performance work of any nature. NE1 make every attempt to keep on file all the relevant documentation required for all children currently represented by us and will be happy to help you obtain these licenses in any way we can. If you would like us to complete the relevant license application form and apply for you, we reserve the right to charge an administration fee.

If the applicant is under the age of 18, then a parent or guardian must sign the agreement.

Chaperones (e.g. the Parent/Guardian)

A parent/guardian/chaperone must always be present at the location. No child is to be unaccompanied at any time. Some authorities do not accept Grandparents as being there chaperone they may need C.R.B checked.

  • A clean, tidy and well behave child and chaperone will impress clients and attract future work.
  • No more than one chaperone on set unless otherwise agreed.
  • All children represented by us are expected to behave in a professional and polite manner at all times, unless required as part of the assignment.

It is the parent's responsibility to care for his/her child and to ensure impeccable behavior. Poor conduct could result in loss of future contracts.

Auditions and Castings

Parents/Guardians are expected to take their own children to castings/auditions. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to gain auditions/castings for all our children but every effort will be made to obtain as many appointments as possible.

Changes in Appearance of Children and Babies

Please update details for children, especially babies. Updated details include weight, height, shoe size etc. Also, please update changes in contact details.

Terms and Conditions for Clients


Provisional bookings may be cancelled by giving notice in writing to the NE1 at least 48 hours prior to the appointment.


Subject to the provisions of the immediately preceding condition, if the booking is other than a Provisional Booking then the following provisions apply.

If a booking is cancelled by the Client more than 48 hours prior to the proposed start time , then the full fee will be charged unless the Client re-books the same Artist and that re-booking is fulfilled within one calendar month of the cancellation.

If a booking is cancelled by the Client less than 48 hours before the proposed start date then the whole of the booking fee will be charged.

In the event that the booking is cancelled by the Artist, the Agent shall use its best endeavors to find a suitable replacement and to offer it to the Client.


A working day is 8 hours including 1 hour lunch. Models may be booked for a full day, half day or hourly. Extra half-hours or parts of half-hours shall be paid at half the hourly rate. The minimum booking is for 2 hours.

Photographic fees cover the right to use an image for one year from the date of the booking, in UK only, for the initial permitted use.

Fees for fittings are charged at half the hourly rate with a minimum of £25.00 per hour.

A photographer is not entitled to use test and experimental photographs for commercial purposes unless specific arrangements have been made before the photographic session.


The client is responsible for the models health and safety when the model is travelling, or providing services, in connection with the booking to the same extent as if the model were an employee of the client. The client will maintain adequate insurance cover to underwrite its obligations to the model.

The agent is not responsible if the model fails to attend the booking. The client is advised to insure against any losses, which might result if the model does not keep a booking because of ill health, or some other reason.


Children under the age of 16 years require a license for paid performances. It is the client's responsibility to licence the children. Please note that it takes a minimum of 5-10 working days to obtain a license depending on the council involved.


Please note should you wish NE1 to apply for a Child Performance License on your behalf, there will be a fee per child, whether or not the child is confirmed.


Although NE1 in this website ne14.tv and associated material makes every effort to ensure that content is accurate, NE1 Ltd will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions. NE14.TV Ltd. reserves the right to alter content without notice.

In particular, descriptions of individuals and all other details contained within this site are not guaranteed and are intended for guidance only. Furthermore, NE1, by enabling contact between potential clients and production companies, makes no guarantee thereby as to the character, behaviour or financial standing of either party, and will not be held liable as to the subsequent conduct of either party, or any financial loss resulting from any action by either party. All parties should satisfy themselves as to the good standing of those with whom they enter into contractual arrangements. NE14.TV Ltd will endeavour to establish such credentials as far as possible but any referral by NE14.TV Ltd through this website or otherwise of either extra or production company is in no way to be taken as an assertion or statement of such credentials.

No part of this website may be reproduced without the express permission of NE1

NE1 is not responsible for the contents & images used on external internet sites or social media.


(and Associated Companies)

Privacy Notice





We know that you take the privacy of your information and how it used and

shared very seriously, and we will only use your personal information in

accordance with the current data protection law in the UK and this privacy


This privacy notice provides you with details of how NE14TV collect and process

your personal data.

NE14TV is the data controller and we are responsible

for your personal data (referred to as “we”, “us” or “our” in this privacy


Contact Details Bessie Williams - Director

Our full details are:

Full name of legal entity: NE14TV

Email address: info@ne14.tv

Main Business and Postal address: Off Quay Building. Foundry Lane, Ouseburn Valley NE61LH

Telephone number: 01912651196

It is especially important that the information we hold about you is accurate and

up to date. Please let us know if at any time your personal information

changes by emailing us at info@ne14.tv.



We may process the following categories of personal data about you:


Communication Data that includes any communication that you send

to us whether that be through the contact form on our website,

through email, text, social media messaging, social media posting or

any other communication that you send us. We process this data for

the purposes of communicating with you, for record keeping and for

the establishment, pursuance, or defence of legal claims. Our lawful

ground for this processing is our legitimate interests which in this case

are to reply to communications sent to us, to keep records and to

establish, pursue, or defend legal claims.

Customer Data that includes data relating to any purchases of goods

and/or services such as your name, title, billing address, delivery

address email address, phone number, contact details, purchase

details and your card details. Our lawful ground for this processing is

legitimate interest to enable us to provide the goods and/or services

you have purchased, or those that have been purchased on your

behalf and to keep records of such transactions.

User Data that includes data about how you use our website and any

online services together with any data that you post for publication on

our website or through other online services. We process this data to

operate our website and ensure relevant content is provided to you, to

ensure the security of our website, to maintain back- ups of our

website and/or databases and to enable publication and

administration of our website, other online services, and business. Our

lawful ground for this processing is our legitimate interests which in

this case is to enable us to properly administer our website and our


Technical Data that includes data about your use of our website and

online services such as your IP address, your login data, details about

your browser, length of visit to pages on our website, page views and

navigation paths, details about the number of times you use our

website, time zone settings and other technology on the devices you

use to access our website. The source of this data is from our analytics

tracking system. We process this data to analyse your use of our

website and other online services, to administer and protect our

business and website, to deliver relevant website content and

advertisements to you and to understand the effectiveness of our

advertising. Our lawful ground for this processing is our legitimate

interests which in this case are to enable us to properly administer our

website and our business and to grow our business and to decide our

marketing strategy.

Marketing Data that includes data about your preferences in receiving

marketing from us and our third parties and your communication

preferences. We process this data to enable you to receive

information about promotions and training updates and to deliver

relevant website content and advertisements to you and measure or

understand the effectiveness of this advertising. Our lawful ground for

this processing is our legitimate interests which in this case are to

improve our products/services, to develop them, to grow our business

and to decide our marketing strategy.

We may use Customer Data, User Data, Technical Data and Marketing

Data to deliver relevant website content and advertisements to you

(including Facebook adverts or other display advertisements) and to

measure or understand the effectiveness of the advertising we serve

you. Our lawful ground for this processing is legitimate interests which

is to grow our business. We may also use such data to send other

marketing communications to you. Our lawful ground for this

processing is legitimate interests (namely to grow our business). You

may object to this type of processing by unsubscribing using the ink in

any email that you receive.

Student and Course Data that includes data that is required to

provide you with certification, this includes your Name, Date of Birth

(for regulated qualifications only) and information about qualifications

you are taking or have taken. We process this data to provide you with

qualifications, certifications and to Quality Assure our courses. Our

lawful ground of processing is legitimate interest to enable us to

provide you with certifications for training that meets the

recommendations and regulations for training.

Centre/ Instructor Data this includes data provided by approved

centres and instructors for the purpose of certification and internal

quality assurance.

This may include their students Name, Address, Email and Date of

Birth. The data is required for producing the certification the lawful

basis for processing the data would be legitimate interest.

When entering customer or student data onto our system

for online training or class registration, it is the instructor/centre

owner/employer’s responsibility to ensure that they have permission

to do so. Our lawful ground for this processing is legitimate interests,

to provide users with the services they require.

Centre/Instructor Marketing Data this includes data provided by the

centre or instructor to enable them to use NE14TV to

list and market their courses.

Sensitive Data


We need to collect the following sensitive data about you to

ensure that we can adapt our classroom training to allow us to make

reasonable adjustments to ensure your safety during practical exercises

required as part of some of the training courses.

We require your explicit consent for processing sensitive data, by declaring

to your instructor that a reasonable adjustment is required for you to

complete the training, you will need to complete and sign an additional

document. Asking you to confirm your consent to this processing.

Where we are required to collect personal data by law, or under the terms

of the contract between us and you do not provide us with that data when

requested, we may not be able to perform the contract (for example, to

deliver goods or services to you). If you do not provide us with the requested

data, we may have to cancel a product or service you have ordered but if

we do, we will notify you at the time.

We will only use your personal data for a purpose it was collected for or a

reasonably compatible purpose if necessary. For more information on this

please email us at info@ne14.tv If we need to use your details for an

unrelated new purpose we will let you know and explain the legal grounds

for processing.

We may process your personal data without your knowledge or consent

where this is required or permitted by law.



We may collect data about you by you providing the data directly to us (for

example by filling in forms on our site, during your classroom training or by

sending us emails).

Your data may also be provided to us by your employer, agency, or training


We may automatically collect certain data from you as you use our website

by using cookies and similar technologies. Please see our cookie policy

(cookie policy) for more details about this.

We may receive data from third parties such as analytics providers such as

Google based outside the EU, advertising networks such as Facebook

based outside the EU, such as search information providers such as

Google based outside the EU, providers of technical, payment and delivery

services, such as data brokers or aggregators.

We may also receive data from publicly availably sources such as

Companies House and the Electoral Register based inside the EU. Your

data may be provided to us by your employer, agency, or training provider.


Our lawful ground of processing your personal data to send you marketing

communications are either your consent or our legitimate interests (namely

to grow our business).

Under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, we may

send you marketing communications from us if (i) you made a purchase or

asked for information from us about our goods or services or (ii) you

agreed to receive marketing communications and in each case you have

not opted out of receiving such communications since. Under these

regulations, if you are a limited company, we may send you marketing

emails without your consent. However, you can still opt out of receiving

marketing emails from us at any time.

Before we share your personal data with any third party for their own

marketing purposes we will get your express consent.

You can ask us or third parties to stop sending you marketing messages at

any time by following the opt-out links on any marketing

message sent to you or by emailing us at info@ne14.tv at any time.

If you opt out of receiving marketing communications, this opt-out does not

apply to personal data provided because of other transactions, such as

purchases, warranty registrations etc.



We may have to share your personal data with the parties set out below:

Other companies in our group who provide services to us.

Service providers who provide IT and system administration services.

Professional advisers including lawyers, bankers, auditors, and insurers

Government bodies that require us to report processing activities.

Awarding Organisations.

Third parties such as producers / directors etc.

The training organisation who is delivering or has delivered or

arranged the training on your behalf.

Your employer or agency if they have arranged the training for you.

We require all third parties to whom we transfer your data to respect the

security of your personal data and to treat it in accordance with the law. We

only allow such third parties to process your personal data for specified

purposes and in accordance with our instructions.



We have put in place security measures to prevent your personal data from

being accidentally lost, used, altered, disclosed, or accessed without

authorisation. We also allow access to your personal data only to those

employees and partners who have a business need to know such data.

They will only process your personal data on our instructions and they

must keep it confidential.

We have procedures in place to deal with any suspected personal data

breach and will notify you and any applicable regulator of a breach if we

are legally required to.



We will only retain your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the

purposes we collected it for, including for the purposes of satisfying any

legal, accounting, or reporting requirements. When deciding what the

correct time is to keep the data for we look at its amount, nature and

sensitivity, potential risk of harm from unauthorised use or disclosure, the

processing purposes if these can be achieved by other means and legal


For tax purposes the law requires us to keep basic information about our

customers (including Contact, Identity, Financial and Transaction Data) for

six years after they stop being customers.

For qualifications we are required to keep basic information about our

customers (including Contact, Identity, Qualification information and

Qualification dates) for seven years to be able to provide proof of

qualification, CPD statements and other information at their request.

In some circumstances we may anonymise your personal data for research

or statistical purposes in which case we may use this information

indefinitely without further notice to you.



Under data protection laws you have rights in relation to your personal data

that include the right to request access, correction, erasure, restriction,

transfer, to object to processing and (where the lawful ground of

processing is consent) to withdraw consent.

We may need to request specific information from you to help us confirm

your identity and ensure your right to access your personal data (or to

exercise any of your other rights). This is a security measure to ensure that

personal data is not disclosed to any person who has no right to receive it.

We may also contact you to ask you for further information in relation to

your request to speed up our response.

We try to respond to all legitimate requests within one month. Occasionally

it may take us longer than a month if your request is particularly complex or

you have made several requests. In this case, we will notify you.

If you are not happy with any aspect of how we collect and use your data,

you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office

(ICO), the UK supervisory authority for data protection issues

(www.ico.org.uk (https://www.ico.org.uk)). We should be grateful if you

would contact us first if you do have a complaint so that we can try to

resolve it for you.



We do not control third-party websites and are not responsible for their privacy

statements. When you leave our website, we encourage you to read the

privacy notice of every website you visit.



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