September 14th 2023

Partytime for NE14 artists!

We were thrilled to be asked to provide some very talented people for a set of promo videos for a prestigious Northumberland based Hotel group. 

Our performers zoomed off into the wilds of Northumberland, taking in the gorgeous views and preparing themselves for a few days on set. The cast were asked to prepare daytime and evening looks, as well as some relaxed clothing for some footage filmed in the hotel suites. 

Though our SAs are mainly used to working on set on shows such as ITV's Vera, a job like this is always a pleasure - who wouldn't want to swan around those gorgeous gardens? After a sunny day outside, our SAs put on their party frocks and danced the night away! 

Make sure to follow our social media for more roles! Maybe you'll be on set soon with NE14 Casting!

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